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VS512SDS333 & Acer Aspire1524


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I bought two 512mb sticks of the above memory to upgrade my laptop from 512mb to 1gb. Since fitting them I have had lots of problems:


BSOD during boot up

BSOD once into windows

Crashing/shutdown whilst running F@H after a few hours/overnight


I have tried memtest from cd with both sticks individually and together and sometimes get no errors for several passes - other times I get 2000+ errors in the first minute, with no consistent results.


If I put the original 2x256mb Samsung sticks back in I get no problems or errors at all. The laptop supports up to 2x1gb and the memory runs at the same speed/timings (2.5-3-3-7 @ 157.2mhz by SPD) as the Samsung when fitted.

The memory configurator does not list the Acer Aspire 1524 so is there a compatibility problem or have I got duff sticks??


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