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Ram to Ram compatibility


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I am a Newb so I hope this hasn't been asked before. Here it goes.


Currently I have


CMX256A-3200LLPT version XMS3205v1.2 lot 0349020

It shows what I think are ram timings as 2326 with no decimal in between numbers


I just bought what I thought was the 2 same sticks but they are


CMX256A-3200XLPT version XMS3208v1.2 lot 0517150-1

It shows ram timings on the stick as


Can I use these 2 new sticks together with the original sticks with no compatibility issues?


Thanks for any advice. :):

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Sounds like I should send these back.....is there any good way to find a perfect match online. I thought I had that by the online vendors but looks like they passed this off as the wrong sticks.


Thanks for your reply

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I am sorry, but XMS3200LL is no longer in production, is why you are having a hard to getting that module. But Wired is correct (:eek:) you should not mix memory that can make your system unstable.
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