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ML120 RGB Pro and RGB Elite (mix of 4-LED and 8-LED fans) do not work in iCUE


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I've just built a new PC but have come to notice that my 6th fan's RGB lighting is not working. I've come to the conclusion that it's because there are currently 6 fans connected to a lightning node pro (1 slot), but they are a mixture of 4-LED and 8-LED fans. 

The h150i ELITE CAPELLIX has come with the ELITE version of the ML120 RGB fans, which apparently are both quicker and have double the amount of LEDs. 

This conflicts with the separate case fans I have built in, which are the ML120 RGB PRO fans, and only have 4 LEDs. 

If we look at the below picture, the conflict is that fan 4 and 5 (blue and pink) are both on fan 4, fan 5 gets the "white" light and fan 6 is without light. 

Does anyone know a solution to this so they can work together? 
I have a loose commander CORE as well, but it's not connected to USB. I suppose I can plug in the 3 ML120 ELITE fans into there, but without USB support that's not going to do much?

My mobo is the ASUS Z690-F Gaming which has 2 USB 2.0 headers, one is used by the PSU (HX850i) and the other is used by the lightning node PRO. The commander CORE is only connected by SATA power to provide the RGB colours to the watercooler (but cannot be controlled).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. See below for the setup and the image of the ELITE fans and the problem.



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How are you not using the Commander Core?  Your pump power is routed through that as well as fan control. You need to drop the unnecessary Lighting Node Pro and connect the RGB wires to the Commander Core and it’s usb 2 so you have control. 

The Lighting Node Pro, Commander Pro, and Lighting Node Core are serial controllers. Pick one fan type, it uses that as a base count, and then you designate the number of fans. You set it up for ML-Pro x 6 so it generated 4x6=24 LEDs. You have 36LEDs (4-4-4-8-8-8) so it’s coming up short. If you want to do a quick temporary fix, set it to “8 series LED fan X 5”. That will generate 40 LEDs and cover them all, but the UI fans will not match the actual order. If you change over to the Com Core with individual RGB port detection, you can run the mixed set in any order and it will automatically give you the correct UI with proper 4/8 LED assignments. 

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I swear I can not for the love of me get the RGB plugs out of the RGB hub, they just don't come loose. Any tips and tricks? I can get the power cable out but not the RGB plugs. 

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Sometimes it can be hard to release them.  Try using a ball point pen to push down on the release "button" that is part of the RGB connector.  It's "in the window" of the hub side port.  You won't feel a sudden release, but it will then slide out. This can get really awkward when the hub is mounted in the back of the case.  

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I've managed to reroute everything to the commander core, but now my pc won't boot to windows anymore. I keep getting a bsod with system thread exception not handled. A lot of Google results point to something to do with USB. I've connected both the PWM and RGB cables to the commander core. 

Is this a common/known issue? 


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I have no idea what happened but I spent 3+ hours troubleshooting. For whatever reason my boot drive got corrupted (clean shutdown and power off so no idea how)

Now it works and is recognized, and I see my water coolant temperature too. 



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