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CTRL keys stuck in windows, apparently an ongoing issue for years


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I have the K70 RGB MK.2 LP (Model RGP0063). Several times now I've had an issue with the control key(s) apparently stuck in the depressed state, although the keys themselves seem to work normally. I've removed them and found nothing mechanically wrong with the switch. Sometimes, swapping the keyboard out for a day or two seems to work, but I've noticed the problem tends to return -  again, and again. Having paid more for this KB than any other I've ever owned, I'll tell you I'm really fed up with this recurring issue - especially after extensive searching online which has revealed that this problem dates back for years, many people have had it, but I've yet to find a single solution. Frustrated - because I really like the KB when it functions. I'd appreciate any ideas you may have. Thanks...

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