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Dead Memory Module ?

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Only to be sure...


I had that memory for a year and a half (Corsair CMX512 - 2700C2). Try to start my pc the other day, did not want to boot. I've try the module on 2 diifferent m/b (ASUS P4PE-L / ASUS P4C800E-DELUXE, each m/b with latest bios), tried 4 differents cpus (P4 3.2E, P4 2.53, Celeron D 2.4GHz and Celeron 2.6GHz), 2 differents power supply (Antec TruePower 430w and standard 400w ps), and each time the pc wouldn't boot. Change the RAM (change to CMXP512 - 3200XL), then my pc would boot.


So I guess I have a dead module ?

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