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Icue 4.19.191 troubles with 1 capital key on STRAFE RGB keyboard

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Since the update to the icue version 4.19.191 i cannot make a capital 'B' anymore with left or right shift pressed... only with the capslock i can make the B, small b is no problem. Other capital letters are no problem also. When i am restarting windows and i quickly test my B with Shift and before icue software is loading i can make the letter big. When system is completely booted up and icue is running, it doesnt work anymore. HELP!! Anyone any ideas how to fix this very annoying problem?

I also test it with the windows 10 screenkeyboard, and strangely there the shift b doesnt do anything also....who has the master idea?

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i found the answer to the problem myself! while restarting the computer i also tested the key pressings between my startups of the programs, and guess what the GTArcade for my game Game of Thrones was the problem, i also installed the desktop manager for this game also very recently! This was binding the key shift + B to the Boss key.. pfffff Problem fixed. Sorry to give ICUE the fault of this nonsense!

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don't apologize when every other manufacturer wants to use the same keybinds for their software.

The world used to have standards that were agreed upon, what you experience is what happens when they all think to be the only god around and not have to care about anything or others. You are not the problem despite they all want to claim it is.

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