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Can I combine CMT32GX5M2X5600C36 & CMT32GX5M2B5200C38W DDR5 Memory Kits?

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Hello everyone,

First time poster here. I was able to grab a kit of CMT32GX5M2X5600C36 from Corsair directly before I was able to obtain the white kit I needed for my build,  CMT32GX5M2B5200C38W from a private seller. Before I return the black kit I really don't require anymore, is it even possible to combine these two kits and run together for 64GB of RAM? I understand that the highest speed will be at the lowest rated sticks, which I am not overly concerned about being at 5200mhz (if profiles set correctly). I presume that this is possible given the same brand and similar timings.

Here's what I am trying to do, stick the two black sticks on the inside DIMM slots and the white sticks on the outer slots for aesthetics to match my white themed build. Am I able to configure the sticks in that manner? Here are my key specs:

Intel 12900k

Asus Maximus Z690 Formula

Asus ROG Strix 3080 V2 White-OC

Here is what the Formula manual says on DIMM configuration:

Memory configurations
You may install 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB unbuffered and non-ECC DDR5 DIMMs into the
DIMM sockets.
You may install varying memory sizes in Channel A and Channel B. The system maps
the total size of the lower-sized channel for the dual-channel configuration. Any excess
memory from the higher-sized channel is then mapped for single-channel operation.
The default memory operation frequency is dependent on its Serial Presence Detect
(SPD), which is the standard way of accessing information from a memory module.
Under the default state, some memory modules for overclocking may operate at a
lower frequency than the vendor-marked value.
For system stability, use a more efficient memory cooling system to support a full
memory load or overclocking condition.
Always install the DIMMS with the same CAS Latency. For an optimum compatibility,
we recommend that you install memory modules of the same version or data code
(D/C) from the same vendor. Check with the vendor to get the correct memory
Visit the ASUS website for the latest QVL.

Any information on whether what I am trying to accomplish by using both kits on varying channels could work, would be appreciated.


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With mixed kits you won't be using the XMP preset and you'll need to manually set all timings and voltages.  There is always some element risk in combining kits and while this can be overcome on DDR4, I would say you are taking a big risk on DDR5.  For starters, it is highly likely the two kits are based on different ICs.  That increases the chance you are going to have issues.  But even if they were the same, a quick tour around the internet is going to show you a mountain of people who are having a really hard time with 4 module matched kits.  It is tough going in the early days of a new memory standard regardless.  You had better be up for the challenge and time commitment if you are going to mix kits.


I am not sure of your intended uses, but you would be looking at 32 GB running at 5200 (that might clock up to 6000) vs 64 GB and you will be forced to run a much lower frequency down near 4400, the Intel spec for 4 modules.  There are some applications that do benefit from total capacity far more than frequency, but most people who use those tools are keenly aware.  There is no good reason for doing this for anyone with more mainstream uses.

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