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I'm starting a new build on a 680x case. I would like to use the fans that came in the case and a 115i elite cooler. If I leave the fans in the case on the RGB hub connected to the lighting node pro and put the cooling fans and pump on the commander core, will I have full control of the RGB? I know the LL fans have more LEDs than the ML fans, so I was hoping to run a different pattern on them. With all 6 motors and pump connected to the commander core, their speeds would be synced? I thought I would use the 2nd channel on the lighting node pro for a lighting strip in the future. If I wanted to add a couple more fans in the future, would I need to add a commander pro or would it be better to add it now since both USB ports on MOBO would be taken.

I know I've asked a lot, but figure from the forum this is the place to get great answers.

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You will have full RGB control over each individual fan no matter what.  However, there are two ways you can do this with some minor subtleties.  


1) All RGB connectors to Commander Core.  Lighting Node Core from case not used.  The Commander Core and XT controllers have individual RGB header control.  That makes them different from all the others.  While you can't make an 8 LED center mounted fan look like a 16 LED ring fan, you can connect them all to the Com Core and it will automatically choose the correct greatest common factor for the lighting and everything is under your control from one device.  Also, whether your fans are the same or different, you always have the ability to sub-divide the fans on the controller into separate lighting groups.  Fans 1-2-3 can do Pattern A and 4-5-6 can do Pattern B, etc.  No special tricks required aside from assigning Pattern A and B to the respective fans.  


2) ML-Elite RGB on Com Core and LL RGB on LNCore (or vice versa).  There is no controller specific advantage one way or the other with this hardware.  PWM all go to the Com Core PWM side for both 1 or 2.  The only reason to do this is if option 1 is distorting a specific 8 LED fan effect because it is applying the 16 LED timing as a result of mixed fans on the controller and running them as separate groups does not correct the timing.  I have not heard of any specific issues with this when running on the Commander Core/XT, but I also don't run this 24/7 and only throw the Com Core on to test issues others present.  However, based on the absence of a complaint thread of this type, I think the place to start if with #1 above and if for whatever reason it is not working as expected, then you hook the LNCore to SATA and USB and move one set of RGB fans over.  While #2 would have been my recommended configuration if you were using one of the serial controllers (Commander Pro, LNPro, LNCore) for all 6 fans, with the Com Core/XT this won't be necessary for most people.  

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