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LL140 Stuck lights issue

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Hello, first of all, I'm french so please tell me if a detail is not understandable in my topic 🙂

Last year, I bought 4x LL140 RGB (Twin pack and two single packs) and set up in my Cooler Master C700M case. Each LL140 are connected to Lighting Node CORE which is connected to Lighting Node PRO RGB.

Since many monthes, some of my LL140 LED are stuck (you can see the pictures attached). To check if it was a fan issue, I have switched some of the cables to see if the fan not stuck were now stuck. Sometimes, some LED are off, sometimes LEDs are on but stuck on a color.

In Cue Software, I can see the 4 fans but I only can change the color of not stuck leds...

NB : I have uploaded 3 photos. Between them, I have switched some cables on Lighting Node CORE.


Could you please help me to resolve this issue ? Thank you very much.




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