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Pete oconnor

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Hi all,

I am in the process of upgrading my old pc dating back to around 2016. I am going to buy a new cpu and motherboard namely an intel i7-12700k cpu.


my pc is well cooled already and I am trying to work out if my existing cpu cooler will work with an intel i7


it is a dual fan mode similar to the new hydro ones but I can’t confirm the exact model as it just has the Corsair product number which is cw906009vw


any ideas if it will work with an i7 processor?





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That part number is CW-9060009-WW = the original H100i CPU cooler. It is not compatible with the Intel i7 12700k's CPU socket (LGA 1700). While there are Retrofit Kits for some older CPU coolers, yours is not one of them.



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