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K70 RGB Rapidfire - All red LEDs have stopped working

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I have had my K70 keyboard for 2 or 3 years now and this morning I turned on my pc and noticed the rainbow wave is now just blue and green with a dark non lit line running in between (where the red should be and all of the colors that use red in it.  In iCUE, i changed the settings to various static colors and when selecting red, the keyboard is not lit, and when selecting anything that has red in it, such as orange or purple, these show up as blue, while white shows up as a sky blue color.  This leads me to believe that all red LEDs have stopped working.  I was expecting eventually that one or 2 LEDs would burn out, but not an entire color across the whole keyboard. 


Is this something that is fixable?  I checked to make sure I am running the current firmware for the keyboard and current software update for iCue.

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Try the soft reset below and if unsuccessful, force update the firmware on the keyboard.  (Check for update -> none -> force update).  Interesting its the red that dropped off.  Most people who encounter something like this are stuck on red with the green and blue out.  However, it seems like it could be the same issue and I agree it seems preposterous that every red LED on the board zapped itself.  




If this does not work, start a ticket with Corsair Support.  

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