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Muffled sound with Whitenoise on a new Corsair Virtuoso XT

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After owning 2 Corsair headsets previously; one being the Void Pro the other the Void Elite. The sound quality between them two was fantastic and I figured from lots of glowing reviews and videos I watched about I bought the Corsair Virtuoso XT.

Upon updating iCue and checking if the headset had updates I was eager to try it out. After putting on I noticed right away that the headset sounded much quieter than the last pair I had.
On iCue itself I had the previous two EQ's set to the "Movie Theater" Preset so I figured that was the issue. However after selecting it the sound is still rather muffled. I was used to clear and somewhat loud sound, after messing about with a few presets others had made, i find it hard to replicate the same sort of volume while retaining the quality. Everything sounds muffled slightly, sort of like you're listening to something echoing of a tin can, at least in games, audio quality else where sounds perfectly fine, even changing the sound in game doesnt fix this issue, and retains the sort of tin/muffled sound.

Leading on from that when sound is played through the headset it will be almost as if the earphones/audio is turning on and emitting a static/white noise before and after the sound has been played but still remain even when audio is playing. Think of it like you're playing a game and there is a waterfall constantly on somewhere in the distance but no matter how close or far you get from it, it is still as disruptive. Changing PC audio settings, in game volume settings as well as youtube video and playback/media player settings hasn't fixed this, nor has anything I tried inside of iCue.

This lead me onto my final issue, I figured that maybe this issue would not happen if I were to go with the wired mode of the head-set. Upon plugging it in and switching from wireless to wired mode I found that the headset would just not emit any sound what so ever. The light at the end of the microphone on the Virtuoso XT was a bright white as if iCue was not connect what so ever. I then checked iCue and the headset was not showing up, I've tried a number of things to fix this, looking online for a good 3 days to get these issues fixed but still haven't come to anything. I have only learnt that a number of people have the white noise/static issue. As for the wired mode not connecting I only found one other having this issue and no info on a potential fix.

I am hoping that the muffled sound is due to a quality difference between the Void Pro/Elite and the Virtuoso. But it is a noticeable difference when I am finding the cheaper and frankly less quality headset that Corsair makes is better than a more premium feel and looking one.

I've spent a good 3 days trying to fix any of these issues, but everything still is the same. I've messed with the EQ a bit and even tried the dolby EQ but at this point im probably going to return the headset and get a refund and get another Void Elite since at least I know that headsets sound quality sounds better than what im currently getting. Does anyone have any solutions I could possibly try before getting to that stage?

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