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Corsair Virtuoso SE keeps cutting out and crashing Voicemeeter audio server

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So I purchased a Corsair Virtuoso SE off of some guy who said he used it for like 6 months, but didn't feel the need for it anymore. Fine.

However, I have been plagued by the headset cutting in and out randomly with some games (namely Valorant) and my Voicemeeter audio server getting messed up at also seemingly random intervals (goes super choppy)

I followed the steps from the VB-Audio forums to fix this, but that didn't seem to work. I have just reimaged my system as of yesterday and have not experienced this issue yet, but I am concerned for what might have caused it.

Has anyone else run into this issue? I am thinking it may be something to do with my dongle, as it seems to lose connection fairly often (is the range known to be really poor?)

Any help would be much appreciated. I otherwise love the headset, it feels heavy but also light enough to be comfortable, and the earcups are big enough for my ears without hurting them. It feels like a quality product. The included usb-c cable did melt from what had to have been a short, but I would definitely believe that was a result of the person who sold it to me. Thanks!

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