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QL120 One LED stuck on Green

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I just bought these QL120s one month ago and they worked very well. But last week, one LED stuck on green. When I turn on my pc, that green led turns on as well before other LEDs. I've tried everything like;

1. switch rgb slot

2. power off pc and unplug for hours

3. reconnect sata

4. end task other rgb software (Dragon Center, RGB Fusion)

5. repair icue software

6. reinstall icue software

but doesn't fix the problem. What should I do?


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You probably need a new fan and should contact Corsair Support for the replacement.  You've already done every logical troubleshooting step.  Make sure you include that in your support ticket.  The Commander Core has independent RGB headers unlike most controllers.  If you move the offending fan to another port and the green effect travels with the fan, then it most certainly is a fan problem.  

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