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Headset Colour Problem

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I own the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE High-Fidelity Gaming Headset – Gunmetal. I have iCUE 2.0 installed all Corsair components work 100% apart from the headset colours. I have everything set on a gold colour, but only 1 side of the headset show it. The other side is pulsing green and it doesn't matter what I try I can't get both onto the static gold colour. I have cleaned my PC of iCUE 3 times (removed all folders in windows and in the registry), reinstalled the software but nothing works.



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Nobody got a fix for this?

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Have you ever try to clean uninstall icue software and clean install?
Click here for the guide how to clean uninstall icue software.
After a clean installation if you problem still continue I can advice to you to create a new ticket about RMA Process.

I have exact same issue with my corsair Dominator rgb memory dual kit. My icue software notified to me my memories have a new firmware software so I downloaded it with icue and installed it after that, one of my memory stick started to show wrong colors on the led. I started a RMA process to change my memory dual kit with a new one in warranty. I can advice to do the same thing. If your headset is still under warranty and the invoice is standing, you can benefit from RMA service.

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