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HS60 Haptic Headphones crashing games

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After some testing I finally found the cause of my crashing is the HS60 Haptic headset. It appeared random, but now I can reproduce it. It occurs when a loud base sound is present, such as the sound of a close-by explosion or the firing of a noisy 50-cal machine gun.

The problem only occurs when haptic is on. It locks-up World of Warcraft and ARMA3 (the only games I play). Sometimes, after a short delay, it comes back. I'm left believing it's some kind of protection for the ears perhaps?



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same exact problem, its so incredibly infuriating. destroys the whole purpose of the headset when anything basey crashes your sound for like 5 seconds, especially in games like tarkov where you have to completely exit the game to get game sound back. 

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