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Jane,  I talked to Corsair today.  It can take up to 2 weeks to move from processing to shipping =).  LOL I know.  I'm giving them another week before I get concerned.

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Sooo I actually cancelled my order Jane and friends.  The fact not just because of the fact it took almost 2 weeks to ship without any updates, but mainly because after long consideration.  Those CPU temps just aren't going to come down and on top of it there will be a 15% performance loss.  Just so an Linus video involving the a200 and yet again confirms the performance drops due to heat spikes and C1 BIOS pretty much just dropping way too much performance.  Cancelling just feels like the right move until Corsair can getting better cooling in on that CPU.

I'm now considering a Vengeance i7300 build with much better cooling/thermals, PSU, and not loosing 15% of the 12900K's power.

After learning more about the thermals and just how small/inadequate/AIO the radiator for the CPU is... I just won't be happy with it.

Here's the video with the a200, the i300 will be no different.


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