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4 Pin LED cable connectors

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Hi all.

New to the forum but just thought id share with you a site (Ali Express) that has the correct connectors and pins for the 3 and 4 pin LED cables.

They are call Dupont connectors with the pitch of 2.54.

MX2.54 Dupont Connector 2/3/4/5/6/7/8Pin with Belt Buckle Wire to Wire

I tried to find them in the UK and failed. This is the only place I can find that does them. 

If your tight for room in your case would benefit from shorter cables, this will help out greatly.

Hope it helps someone out! 

Hal 🙂

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They are Molex connectors, you can find them on every electronics retailer out there, like mouser, digikey and the like usually.

Devbiker made a video about it a while back with all the part numbers :



But the ones you found look like they will work just fine

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