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Corsair K70 LUX not working in Ubuntu 20.04

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I had reinstalled Ubuntu 20.04. The keyboard and mouse appeared to be working fine through my KVM switch but now they do not. Actually, they work briefly and then fail. I tried plugging directly into the PC and still no luck. Odd thing is I can plug them into my Ubuntu laptop and the work and remain working. The only thing I can think of is that something on this new build is not allowing the keyboard to work. Any ideas?

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Hi future-vision,

Unfortunately, we don't support/ recommend use of our keyboards on either Linux, or a KVM switch -- we additionally do not recommend using any kind of USB hub or passthrough of any kind. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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Seems to have a similar issue when plugged directly into the computer. It works for a bit but then the keyboard won't input. USB port on the keyboard continues to work however. 


I know. You don't support/recommend using with Linux. Just odd that it worked for so long and now it doesn't. Works on the Linux laptop though.

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