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Dust particle inside OPX key after only two weeks.

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As per tittle, there is already a dust particle inside one of the opx keys , the letter I. i can see it sitting there through the small window.

The window that also prevents me from removing it. Blocking the led lighting and changing the color slightly. And no way to get it out.


This is just Unacceptable corsair.  are we supposed to live in a cleanroom or what ?  

Can i RMA this and get a new k100 keyboard , maybe one that actually can keep dust out ?

This problem is as old as your first keyboard and still you haven't done anything to address this HUGE problem. Makes me see your products as low quality.

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And i have been VERY lucky to be able to move the particle of the led by gently shacking the keyboard in different orientations.

Still i expect an answer from Corsair who seem to love to ignore my every well funded complaint about their products lacking in measures that could have easily prevented this if their profits weren't more important then customer satisfaction.

What are you gonna do to prevent this or even make it easy for customers to fix this kind of problem you caused by bad design and engineering.

Whatever happened to your decency Corsair?

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