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Mix fans for power supply only

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I know you shouldn't mix SP and ML fans because it could damage the RGB is u use it with the same Commander Core. What if I just use the Commander core for power and plug the RGB cables into 2 different Lightning nodes, one for each fan type. Will that work? The lighning node should be displayed in ICue but say 0RPM for all fans, while the Commander Core will show RPM just wont allow me to set RGB. Is this correct and safe?

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It is only the SP-RGB (2016) than cannot be mixed with other fans for RGB Lighting Purposes.  The SP-Pro and SP-Elite models with 8 center LEDs can be combined.  However, there is a secondary issue for speed control.  A Commander Core is a PWM only controller.  Both the SP-RGB and SP-Pro are 3 pin DC motor fans.  They will be stuck at 100% on any PWM controller.  Only the SP-Elite is a PWM fan and can be controlled from the Commander Core.  

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