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Corsair RGB fans stopped working after clearing my temp files

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Hi y'all,

I recently purchased 6 Corsair SP120 RGB Elite fans. When I installed them out of the box using the included Corsair Lighting Node Core, they worked completely fine. However, upon clearing my temp files, the RGB on all but one of the fans turned off.

Solutions I have already tried:

 -Restarted my PC

 -Tested all 6 of the fans one by one in the one working Node Core port (All 6 fans work fine, just not all at once)

 -Replaced the initial Node Core with another of the same model that was included with the fans (2 kits of 3 fan setups)(Still no success)

 -Doing a clean reinstall of Corsair iCue (Twice)

 -Checking to make sure that iCue was formatted for 6 SP RGB Series Fans

I feel like I have tried every solution I could find on the internet to no avail. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

PC Specs:

ROG STRIX B-450f Gaming|AMD Ryzen 7 5800x|EVGA RTX 3060|4x4gb Corsair Vengeance LPX|Corsair RM850x (PSU)

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