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Corsair K68 rgb keyboard lights green on startup, no matter what I do

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I recently made the decision to purchase additional Corsair equipment, to ease my life in regards to RGB. I was initially very satisfied with my K68 keyboard and other devices and all seemed well. I set up some RGB profiles, set up some Hardware Lighting matching the setup etc.

However a few weeks ago my K68 has suddenly decided that the Hardware Lighting would be green, no matter what. Despite the proper settings in iCue, stating it to light up as only purple. I tried changing the lighting settings, to no avail. Even setting it to Dark has no effect, still lights up green.

I also have Dragon Center and Armoury Crate on my PC, which I suspected could be causing issues. After hours of tests, leading to fully uninstalling both of them, imagine my joy when my keyboard still lit up green...
Out of extra caution, having once installed SignalRGB a while back, I even re-installed that to see if it was a remainder of a deleted profile or something (though I never set any of my RGBs to green, I'm willing to accept anything at this point). Since that didn't work I uninstalled fully this time, making sure nothing was left.

Still green.

I found one topic on the subject that I can't seem to find anymore. Please tell me someone has had this and fixed it 🤞

P.S: Worth noting that my other Corsair peripherals, aka mouse, headphones etc all seem to work fine. And the keyboard, once the PC is ON and connected to my profile, properly applies all the RGB I set up, just not during startup.

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