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LL120 Fans gone wild ....

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Hey there,
I had this going on for quite some time now: I thought that it would just get fixed by a normal iCUE update... HOWEVER it never did. 
I am just now wondering whether the issue is with my hardware or it has got something to do with something else. 
So the problem in detail is that when I start my PC only two fans are working, from the start on. To specify, I mean the RGB is only working on two of them. The other 4 are going wild.... switching lighting patterns, switching leds of and on... it really looks like a christmas RGB tree out of control .... AFTER SOME TIME HOWEVER everything gets back to the actual state set in iCUE. HENCE I do not know what the actual problem is as it seems to work after some time. 
Has anyone made similar experiences?
Let me know.



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You are likely looking for a physical problem on RGB fan #3. Most controllers are a series circuit and if fan 3 blows out an LED, the fans after go dark. However, sometimes it’s not a clean break and you get intermittent signal down the line. That causes all the wacky behavior. 

I am going to assume the two working fans are in slots 1-2. Take number 3 and switch it with 6. If 3 is the bad fan, then 1-5 will work and 6 will still be out of control. If you want to be thorough, you can test each fan in slot 1 with the controller set to white to look for bad LEDs. If there is more than 1, you want to catch it before filing the RMA request with Corsair Support. 

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