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H170i why so loud ???

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Hi, just got a H170I using icue 4.19, 12700k  had a H150i pro previously on a 8700k , 1200k cpu temp is 44 pump temp 34 profile quiet, why does it need to ramp the fans to 1500 rpm ?? sounds like a tornado, h150 and 86700k was higher temps but quieter ??

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Your Elite series AIO uses an external fan controller (Commander Core) that is quite different than limited purpose internal fan controller on the H150i. The Commander Core can be used as a standalone controller without the AIO and thus has different base control parameters. However, a preset is just a preset and most users should set up their own curve or at a minimum make a visible copy of the existing presets so you can understand them. 

Create a custom curve with the +. Choose one of the shape tools in the corner. These correspond to the three presets. Change sensor to H170i Temp. This is coolant temperature. Apply to fans. 

Now you can see the data points. Adjust them for your actual environment. If your baseline coolant temp rides at 35C, then set that as your preferred quiet fan speed. Same thing with max. The default is around 40C, but if you’re in a hot room you’ll be near that from the start. You can use this same curve for non-radiator fans to help with intake/exhaust balance. 

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