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Brand new i7200 - worked for 2 hours, crashed, no display & white cpu light on motherboard

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Hi there, I made a support ticket and have tried calling the 24/7 support but I was wondering if anyone was having the same issues here and had an easy fix.


I'm hoping that I don't have to send the computer in because it took a while to get it in the first place.


The computer worked just fine out of the box, but after about 2 hours of usage, everything froze, things like my windows task bar went away, and then my computer was off before I knew it. After that, the issue became getting display to work. I would start it up, the rgb effects would come on, but I could never get my monitors to output anything from the PC. I tried different cables, monitors, and tried different power outlets. I am plugging my monitors in the graphics card (it did work in the first place after all) and after turning on the PC it would seem like the graphics card is working, but I can only tell by the fans.

After calling support, I was told to refresh the CMOS by removing the motherboard battery. I did that and waited 5 minutes. Same issue. After that, I noticed that there was a white light on the motherboard in the CPU section. 

My next step I'm thinking is that I'll have to remove and reseat the CPU as recommended by MSI. Does anyone have any guidance on this situation or other methods I can try?

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