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LCD screen not connecting

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If anybody has any insights id appreciate anything at this point i recently tried to upgrade my motherboard to a ROG 450f gaming 2 but when i went and tryed to connect my LCD screen on my 150i cooler the commander core is the only thing that shows up so i went to the store and bought another radiator which same instance occurred which is only the commander core showed up. 

some things I've tried 

device tab shows both commander core and elite lcd but my nexus and icue both say no pump detected 

reading forums on corsair like checking if its drawing power which yes i can still control my fans just fine

repaired icue several times

uninstalled several times

cleared my registry

put my old motherboard back in because it did briefly work when i first got it 

updated both bios on both motherboards

updated drivers for computer

reinstalled windows x2

used another lcd screen as i had a extra around 

went to the store and replaced my new radiator and installed it again which it then showed the icon but that there was a pump failure

checked pins on all contacts 

used different commander cores

checked to see if the pump was still running and yes i feel it vibrating and coolness on the tubing 

used the splitter that came with the upgrade kit and used it without 

the only outcomes i was able to get was my old hardware screen that used when icue isn't running or a frozen screen of the temp of the cpu at 0 or the red triangle


I've been at this for 3 going on four weeks and its getting a little frustrating ive put in a support ticket but if the multiple days in between and the agent just wants to replace my screen to which I've already done and ruled out that its not a hardware problem but a software problem 


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