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Can you just buy an Aio pump?

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I'm in the process of building a corsair 7000D full tower case. My search for a 420mm white aio has failed, so I was planning on building my own aio with white fans. I stalled when i had to find a cpu bound pump like the ones on all aios. Can i buy them separately or do i have to buy an aio and take the pump?

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you can't take apart AIO parts they are only made to be connected once at the factory.

You're after a custom loop basically.

For what you want to do i only know two solutions.

Alphacool Eisbaer which has a small pump built in to only take care of the CPU cooling. connects with G1/4 fittings and tubes of your choice to any radiator made for custom loop. It's a low flow pump like what you can find on AIOs.

The barrow LTPRK-04 (look it up on google or aliexpress) which has a full size DDC pump integrated in the CPU block. With this one you can later expand to watercool a GPU since it will have a ton of flow.

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I agree with the above and given your intentions it would make sense to to put together your own CPU custom loop.  This allows you the white hardware required, you certainly have the mounting space in the 7000, and I would consider it a safer option than splicing together various AIO pieces.  Larger doesn't mean noisier and mounting the pump to chassis in some way is always going to produce less noise than a smaller unit bolted to the motherboard.

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