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K70 MK.2 keyboard disconnects when computer screen turns off/ system sleeps

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I got a new keyboard (the one in the title) for christmas. I have been dealing with an issue where the keyboard will (what i assume disconnects) default to a red backlight color after the monitor goes into power save, or the system goes to sleep. This happens intermittently. The only solution to the issue is to restart the system. restarting ICuE will not fix issue. 

The cosair lighting modle/ fans in system do, however, continue to work as it should (using the desired lighting mode); while the keyboard defaults to a static red color. 

I have updated all bios, system software and ICUE software; changed which USB the keyboard and passthrought USB are using, and have had no improvement. 

Specs are a ryzen 3600, B550 MB, windows 11, most UTD ICUE software, and UTD bios for MB. 

Thanks for the help!!

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