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Errrm Corsair stop risking my PC's Health!

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I have custom fan curves set up for my Cpu & Gpu.  Updated icue and shortly afterwards played a game for a while only to find my fans weren't spinning mid way thru the game? Quickly checked in icue and my Fan curves had been changed to run of my Capellix pump temp since the update...

Surely I shouldn't have to check this every time there is an update I rely on you guys at Corsair to have this/me covered.  If I hadn't noticed the fans weren't spinning this could have caused my computer to overheat and even could have caused potential damage - Thanks Corsair!

Shocking that this happened!

My advise to anyone out their is to avoid Corsairs software to control you computer thermals as Corsair seem to not care about whether your PC gets fried!

Also what is with my mouse & keyboard not always being detected? every so often this happens and it is really frustrating.  I have to continously unplug and plug them back in.. My brother advised me to go with Asus components and I'm starting to think he was right you guys at Corsair seem to be more pre occupied with RGB than actually having your Hardware/Software run correctly??

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for an AIO the fans should be controlled by the water temp, always. Well there's still a safety threshold where the fans will run full blast if the water gets too hot, but better not let it get that high by changing the default control variable.

Now your case fans on the other hands, it makes more sense to control them from the GPU temp for example. You can assign multiple fan curves for the same controller (if you run them all from the capellix commander core).

That said, it's stupid that your settings got changed by an update. that's a pretty bad fail. Sotftware has always been the biggest weakness of Corsair for years, with no sign of changing.

Interesting that advice your brother gave you. Asus Armoury crate is honestly almost as bad as iCUE 😛

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