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VOID RGB ELITE / HS60 Haptic - Virtual Surround

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Hi Corsair Community,

I have a question relating to the two headsets. Both are USB, both have 2 x 50mm neodymium audio drivers yet only the VOID does virtual surround.

Why is this? Why does the cheaper headset offer virtual surround, but the Haptic does not?

I love the sound from the VOID in game, but I love the Immersion and sound quality from the HS60 Haptics in audio and gaming.

Is the difference simply software related or is there more to it than that?




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I can just think of one thing, the VOID is  more gamers related product therefore host better support for spatial audio I'm quit pleased with my VOID Elite W RGB and DTS Headphone X mode . The Dolby Atmos for headphones works well too but i like the dynamics and spatial sound provided by DTS ? I'm little disappointed as the DAC is 16 bit 48Khz only but I guess again for gaming VOID is put in that range so no 24/bit 96Khz here . Maybe you can try DTS Headphone X on the HS60 as DTS X should work on about any headphones , try it . 

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