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AX1200i Failed

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Howdy, my system just shut down. I tried rebooting, it just keep in a 1 to 2 second loop. This is supposed to be a top of the line PSU. It seems their are cut backs on quality parts nowadays? Anyways, I know this is a Sunday "Here" so submitted a ticket. Before submitting a ticket I was reading about issues back to 2012 on PSU's, so, they still have not fixed the issue then? Yes I'm indeed upset, I'm a disabled single parent so money is very difficult to come by. I communicate and on my PC, but also do a lot of gaming as the Doctors say this will help my hands to keep from locking up as soon (I was electrocuted on the job in 2007).

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Forgot to add I bought the AX1200i in 2021. I also have a RM1000i that was purchased in 2017 that has Failed. I'm now using my HX1200 to power my main system. Is anybody else having issues with the AX1200i lately or is it just me?

Corsair AX1200i Fail tests.jpg

Corsair RM1000 tested with PSU testers.jpg

Corsair RM1000i Fan Test.jpg

Corsair plugged into CyberPower Pure Sine Wave Battery Back-Up.jpg

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Photo #1 = AX1200i Test

Photo #2 = RM1000i Test

Photo #3 = RM1000i Fan test

Photo #4 = Cyber Power Pure Sine Wave Battery Backup they were plugged into, so no power issues causing it.

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