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Scimitar Pro RGB mouse changing DPI - Haunted, or am I stupid?

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Alright lads and ladies, here's my issue. 

I've had the mouse the longest out of all my corsair products, I only just recently updated with a corsair K95 RBG Platinum keyboard, and my headset is a Void Elite Wireless. Yesterday, I acutely noticed while gaming, that my DPI was suddenly crazy high! No problem, right? I have the DPI buttons at the top, I look at the light on the side and it's signaling as the lowest DPI setting. Well, it's lying, first off. My mouse cursor is flying around the screen and I'm trying to find it like the last sock that got lost in the dryer vent. 

So, I cycle through all the DPI settings to return back to the slowest setting and 'poof' the problem is fixed! But I can be doing absolutely nothing, not open anything, just remove my hand from the mouse and then it goes whole hog when I come back to switch the page, or hit next episode on Hulu. It does this in games, and that's the real annoyance. I play a lot of shooters, and would like to consider myself somewhat decent at them, so my aim going from a dialed in arm movement turns to a hyper active wrist wiggle, I'm strugglin'. 

I'll take pictures of my mouse iCUE DPI settings, so everyone can a) laugh at my DPI and b) maybe get eyes on the issue so I can get it fixed. 



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Bumping because I'm kinda desperate for this issue to knock it off.

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