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How do i overclock or change the frequency for my ram?

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How do i overclock or chang the frequency for my ram?

How do i set up the BIO? What is the BIO? Where can i find the BIO to change my ram settings?

How do i change my frequency for my ram?

Is there a set of instructions that tell how you do this?


Corsair Value Select PC3200 DDR400 512MB 184-pin DIMM (VS512MB400C3)


My Cpu is Intel® Pentium 4® CPU 2.40GHz

My Motherboard - ECS- P4S5A


My current SPD Timings Table is:

Frequency - 200MHz

CAS#Latency - 2.5

RAS#to CAS# - 3

RAS#Precharge - 3

TRas# - 8


My current Timings is:

CAS#Latency - 2.5 clocks

RAS#to CAS# Delay - 3 clocks

RAS#Precharge - 3 clocks

Cycle Time (Tras) - 6 clocks

Bank Cycle Time (Trc) - 10 clocks

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Actually, it looks like you're already running faster than spec on those modules because of the CAS 2.5!


As far as "overclocking" I don't know how fast or where you want to go. In all honesty, an ECS mainboard isn't the best place to start with that and I don't know exactly what the BIOS will allow you to do.


You should read your mainboard's manual, especially the BIOS section VERY carefully as it'll detail exactly what is available in the BIOS, how to access it, etc. Once you're familiar with that, then you can try to increase the FSB/memory speeds.




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