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New Hydro X build new Issues Icue or hardware

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So i FINALLY finished my first water cool setup.. spent hours with people on discord yesterday helping me along.

i have the hydro pump and cpu block.

i had All 9 fans and cpu and hydro pump RGB working (not plugged into mobo) tested before i brought inside the house..

when i go to boot it up now.. The cpu and pump (plugged into ports on com pro hub ( yes 1 for pump) and 6 for fan netiher rgb comes on at all..

Then all the sudden out of nowhere my front three RGB fans no longer show on the icue and i cant control them..

Not sure where to start here but any advice would be great.

Why would the pump nor the cpu block neither show up on the icue software either.. ive been fairly disappointed with this setup and the instructions which ive followed to a T.

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CUE detects devices via a USB connection. A cpu block or pump/reservoir is not device. The Corsair controller you plug them into is a device. You haven’t specified what you are using for a controller, but it matters whether it is a Commander Pro, Commander Core, or Commander XT. 

Most Corsair RGB controllers require you to manually configure each lighting channel. QL fan X 6, Hydro X -> XD5-> XC7, etc. This is done in the lighting set up tab for each controller. Commander Core and XT controllers automatically detect fan type in their RGB fan headers, but not on the LED port. 

When you were leak testing with the jumper all connected devices output the rainbow stuff. Once you open up the software it assumes you would prefer to set your own configuration and patterns. 

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Thanks for quick reply..

So im using the commandor Pro module specifically...

Yes when i was leak testing all the lights for ALL items came on specifically then once i got this booted up the front fans stay white . hydro pump RGB doesnt come on and CPU block doesnt come on..

Now all the sudden the Lighting node core (2)  which is where the front 3 fans are located -is not being seen by icue software.,. 

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For the Commander, go to lighting set up at designate the LED channel config. If you have the XD5(?) in one channel and a XC7 cpu block in the other, then tell it which is which. If you have them daisy chained together, tell it XD5 first and that will open up some expansion choices. Once this is done, the lighting effects tab will now be active and ready for you to add lighting (+). 

Device recognition is all about USB 2 integrity. That is something AMD boards have trouble with. If you are running the LNCore into the Commander pro usb passthrough, try a direct connection to the motherboard. If you don’t have any more internal USB ports, you may need a powered hub. This is rarely an issue on Intel, so if you are on that platform we’re looking for something else. 

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ok so i found the lighting setup for the commander pro.. and doing the channels and item specifics worked! well done sir! thank you.

Two last items.... 

1) how do i or can i control the pump speed? 

2) The lighting node 2 is all the sudden not showing up.. but it was present earlier... thoughts?

Thanks C Attack  well done thus far sir


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Pump Speed - 1) Go to the "cooling" tab in the Commander Pro. 

2) Click + to create a new custom fan curve.  A graph will appear below.  

3) Either a) set a fixed pump speed (RPM or PWM %) or b) create a custom curve using your coolant  temperature as the control variable (Commander Pro Temp # X).  However, since you don't really know your typical coolant range yet, my advice is to set the pump manually for the time being.  2000 rpm is plenty for idle.  You can experiment with noise when gaming, but can get away with the same 2000 rpm.  Depending on loop design, it is sometimes possible to pull back a few degrees with high pump speed to minimize block contact time.

4) Go back up to the top and change fan #1 (whichever is connected to the pump) to your new custom curve.

5) Not directly related, but go to the Commander Pro device settings and change all your port modes from "auto" to PWM.  This is important for the pump since it has no 12v wire to run the auto-detect.  The rest of your fans are likely PWM as well and this will remove that 12v/100% power on for the fans.  You don't need that with a PWM fan.  



The Lighting Node Core/Pro - device recognition is from the USB 2 internal connection.  If you connected the LNCore to the Commander Pro, move it to the motherboard directly.  As mentioned above, I am wondering if you have an AMD motherboard (x570 or B550) where this is a common issue.  

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OK, this is not common for Intel.  If the LNCore is connected to the Commander Pro, try a direct connection to the MB.  Those C-Pro USB passthrough ports are just that.  It's like using a 3 way USB splitter and this can cause some devices to loose contact with the MB.  

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sso 5) change port modes from AUto to PWM... i see "Fan port" auto .. 1 through 6  but nothing PWM


also it says "HYDRO X detectecd. and asks for fan port but only lists 1-4 not 6? 

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“4 pin”=PWM


CUE will prompt you to run the “hydro x wizard” when it thinks you have a pump connected. This produces a special preset for the pump and fans. However, like all presets it is general in design. This one is designed to be quiet, but creating your own curves to match your unique environment and preferences will always be the best.  In order to make those Hydro X presets work, the pump must be on PWM header #6 and the control source will be Temp probe #1. Aside from using those presets, there is no requirement for the pump to be on 6. 

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