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Added SP120 fan to 5000x Case Not Showing up in iCue

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I have a new build which Consists of:

- H150i Elite Capellix with 3 Fans

- 5000x Case with 3 fans

- 1 x Rear SP120 RGB Elite fan

- 5000x Built in Lighting Node Core

- Commander Core included with the H150i

For power, the Commander Core and Lighting Node Core are directly connected to the Motherboard through USB headers.

The fans for the Capellix and the Case fans all show up iCue just fine.

The rear SP120 does not show up in iCue.

The Cappelix and case fans are connected to my Commander Core, but the Commander Core does not show up in iCue

The rear SP120 fan does not show up in iCue either. 

Confusingly the Lighting Node Core does show up 

The Lighting Wizard was unable to find the fan. 

Is there anything I may be missing or overlooking?



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