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iCUE 3.37.140 memory leak?

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My Windows 10 Dell XPS system with 8GB RAM has been slowly running low on RAM. Looks like a memory leak in corsair.service, using over 1500MB after just 3 days uptime. This makes it hard to keep a system running for more than a few days, which is crucial when I'm also using it as a server. I killed the process, and the memory was released. Of course, my fancy Corsair keyboard's lighting is now pretty boring... I'll look forward to seeing my rainbow keyboard lighting again, after the next reboot, but of course the tradeoff will be needing to stay vigilant, watching for the memory leak to recur. The iCUE version is 3.37.140. I assumed it was auto-updating, but maybe not... I'll check for an update after I submit this.

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Ok, there *was* an update, which I've installed. iCUE is now at 3.38.88 and Corsair.Service is at  I started iCUE to get my keyboard lights working again - I *love* that! 😉 - then quit the GUI. There's still an iCUE process running, using 185.9MB. The Corsair.Service process went back to 20MB after it restarted the newer version, but it has grown to 22.0MB over just a few minutes, so I'm concerned the memory leak might still be there. I'll let things run for awhile, and check back later...

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