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Corsair O-Rings not working

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I bought the Corsair PBT DOUBLE-SHOT PRO Keycaps Onyx Black recently for my K95 RGB platinum. My country does not have the non-pro version so I have to live with the spacebar and some other keys not fitting. 

However the O-Rings, when fitted like in the paper manual, makes no difference. In some instances it can sound a bit different, but only if you listen closely.

I would think that these dampen the sound and change the feel quite a bit, yes?

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Hi ZipurCC, 

It depends on the switch, really. If it's an MX Blue, for example, the o-Ring will not do anything about the "clicky" noise made by the switch. 

You can try doubling-up on the O-rings as well if a single one doesn't seem to be softening the keycap impact enough.

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