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Can't controll lighting of my SP RGB ELITE fan

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Bought a corsair 5000x last week. the case comes with 3 SP RGB ELITE fans. I bought a separate LL fan as well. I pluged everything in a commander core xt. the problem is that everything works in ICUE except 1 of the SP RGB ELITE. I can change the RPM of the fan but I can't change the lighting. I tried ICUE v3 as well but the same problem occurred. I tried switching the fans in different ports but it's always the same problem. Everything works except this one fan. The RGB works on it but it's just not changeable. Is the fan faulty or am I missing something? 

Thanks in advance

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No reason to be on CUE 3 and that could cause problems with the Com Core XT that did not exist at that time.  The Commander Core/XT controllers have individual RGB port control, unlike all the other controllers that are serial.  If the questionable fan does not work when you move it to a new RGB port (make sure you re-run the RGB auto-detect from Corsair settings), then it most likely is a physical fan LED problem.  Contact support.  

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