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SP2500 speaker system

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Hello guys,


I own a Corsair SP2500 speaker system which I know is discontinued but I find excellent.


The On/Off button broke off so I could continue using it by taking off the cover case and pressing the little white button, a bit fiddly but worked fine.


However, I managed to source a second hand one on ebay and when plugged into the back of the subwoofer box turns on and all functions work except I don't have any sound..strange, all I did was swap the units over. Put my old unit back in and woks perfectly again. The only difference is the firmware. The one in the new unit is 1.05.08A but reading posts from Corsair the only change was a Chinese typo error and different firmware makes no difference to the operation..


Am at a bit of a loss..any ideas?


Thank you



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