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Icue 4.19.191 Heavy CPU Load

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Hey everyone, so i am using the recent release of ICue on my Acer Aspire TC-1660 and I continually get a lot of CPU usage coming from  ICue, my fans run full speed constantly even if I set up a custom speed curve and my computer is super laggy and slow.

As soon as I uninstall ICue it runs normally, it also runs fine with Signal RGB installed.

Im running a Commander core XT with 2 SP120 RGB Elites, 2x Vengance RGB Pro SL 32Gb Ram sticks, and a K60 RGB Pro keyboard.


I have tried doing an uninstall, repair, clean install and nothing works. I have uninstalled signal RGB to avoid any conflicts but think im going to have top go back to using SignalRGB.

is this software just flawed why does nothing seem to work the way its suppose to especially considering this is the most recent update, im really not impressed with this software.


the photo is of my dashboard and ICue 72% of my cpu and corsair is the only program running. Is there a quick fix for this or is it a common issue?


any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Which version of iCUE are you running?

Were you experiencing the issue before installing SignalRGB? Or only after?


Note that while iCUE is consuming 34% of CPU In the screen cap, there's something else consuming another 60% or so ... any idea what that might be?

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Hey devbiker  appreciate the response

I was running the most recent update 4.19.191

I was experiencing this issue before installing signalrgb.

And yes I know something else is using cpu but it only happens when I am running the ICue software

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