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XD5 Pump Shuts Down

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I just completed my new system last night, deliberately I build an extremely water cooling loop to show off a bloody red tubing inside of a white case and chrome fittings, it has three radiators, 120, 240, 360. I also completed all the proper testing, I left the whole loop running for 24 hrs, not only for testing but to remove a couple of large bubbles inside the CPU and GPU water blocks. During all this time the pump never showed a single issue and it worked just fine.

Unfortunately now that I finished the proper cable management and connected all the remaining components to the PSU, the XD5 shuts down after starting the computer on, it turnes on for a few seconds but then it shuts down, I have tried connecting the XD5 to the Mobo CPU fan port, and also to the Commander Pro hub Fan 6 port, either way it’s the same issue; I am very confused as to why is happening.


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Can you differentiate between ‘running slow’ and completely shutdown?


I would unplug the PWM/tach cable from the Commander and then attempt to boot up. That should force the XD5 to run at maximum speed. Once you get to the desktop go to the Commander Pro settings and change the XD5 port to “4 pin”. Looks like you have all PWM fans so you can change that for all them to avoid the 100% fan test at boot when on auto. Now go to the cooling tab and set a fixed 50% curve for the XD5 port. Do a full shut down, then reconnect the PWM cable for the pump. NEVER hot plug the PWM cable for the XD5. Unlike a typical fan, it reacts badly to doing this. 

On the other hand if it is shutting down after a few seconds with no PWM cable giving directions, then that is either a motor or power problem. Not sure what else you have on the PSU line with the pump but you can try an alternate arrangement if you have a lot of other devices. However, all of those should have been live during leak testing so a sudden overdraw seems unlikely. The first paragraph is the more common occurrence.

Obviously if your CPU temp is skipping through the scale 55…60..65..70…. 85… etc then you have zero flow and should stop and proceed as a power failure or dead pump. 

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The only way I think I can differentiate between slowing down or shutting down is with the flow indicator, this is completely stopped after a few seconds once new computer has been turned on.

NEVER hot plug the PWM cable for the XD5” can you please explain for me what do you mean by this? My electrical knowledge or skills are a bit limited. 

I have noticed that when starting the computer having the XD5 PWM cable connected to the Commander Pro, at start up there is a message from the BIOS that says that there is no fan connected to the CPU core fan port, is there a way to change or remove this?


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Ok, the main issue has been taken care of, I unplugged the PWM/tach cable from either port Mobo or CC Pro. It's running full speed without a problem. I went ahead and also changed the config for the Bios CPU Fan, switched to "ignore fan speed" that way I won't get the annoying message at boot up.

What bothers me now is probably a bigger issue: the GPU you see in the picture is not working, is either thermal throttling or defective, I don't know how to figure this out without removing the GPU card from the system.

I switched the video source to the Display Port in the Mobo, so I am running it with only minimal graphics.

How can I take care of this?

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by default the commadner pro may be running the pump very slow. the default control curves are horrendous so you sould really make your own to get some flow going and not have the noise of a D5 running at full speed.

for the GPU, did you screw the waterblock fuly in, or stopped when you felt some resistance? Often it is due to people feeling the screws start to resist and they stop there, just when the thermal pads need to be pressed. then the GPU doesn't make contact with the waterblock and it shuts down.

you have to tighten the screws little by little going from one to another until they stop spinning, when the block standoffs contact the PCB.

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On 1/15/2022 at 6:52 AM, c-attack said:

NEVER hot plug the PWM cable for the XD5. Unlike a typical fan, it reacts badly to doing this. 

It means don’t reconnect the PWM/tach cable to the Commander Pro while the system is powered on. It’s normal to disconnect it while filing to make the pump runs at maximum. People do this with fans all the time but we’ve seen a number of users blow out the PWM control on the pump by reconnecting to the Commander while powered on. Being stuck in low gear after that is one of the possibilities. 

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