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iCUE stopped lighting LED strip


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I recently noticed that half of my LED strips are no longer lit. The only thing I have changed is adding a sensor panel to my PC, but that just uses one of the RGB headers and not linked to any of the Corsair accessories. I'm not sure if the strips had stopped lighting before or after installing the panel anyway.

I've attached a diagram of how my Corsair products are laid out, as well as two images for proof that they used to work and now don't.

The strips are laid out in a daisy chain of 250 > 450 > 250, and labelled on the Commander Pro as 6 Led Strips. I have connected them individually to make sure the LED's themselves haven't just died and they all work fine.

Another problem I have is that for some reason my 2 LL120's only light up white, not with the colour set in iCUE. Although the LL120's aren't actually visible in iCUE.

Any ideas on what may have caused this problem, and what the solution is? Even if it means purchasing a different controller/hub?

iCUE Layout.jpg

Working Strip.jpg

Not Working.jpg

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For some reason it’s not letting me edit the original post, so I’ll just add that I found a picture of it working after installing the sensor panel. So all I’ve done since then is move an LL120 from the back to the bottom and swap the GPU power cables. Plus whatever software updates have come out since then.

Nothing associated with the led strips.


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