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LL 120 Fans Randomly turn off the RGB LED'S

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I just got a 465x Case with 3 LL 120 fans built in, added 3 more totaling to 6, and the stock controller that comes in the 465x. However, when runnning the RGB through Signal RGB for about an hour or 2 the RGB on only the fans stops working, my Glaive PRO RGB mouse and Vengeance RAM and H100i RGB cooler all still work. Any help is greatly apprecitted.

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You probably need to work that out with them. We can’t help you troubleshoot someone else’s software here.

It would be atypical for any kind of hardware problem to sit quietly for 2 hours then suddenly shutdown the controller unless extreme heat is involved. I can’t remember anyone ever reporting a RGB controller overheating. A more common hardware issue would be fan #1 has an LED problem and since it’s a series circuit, the following LEDs go dark as well. However, if this doesn’t kick in immediately on boot when your HW Lighting is active, then it’s not a LED problem. 

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