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New Build Corsair 1000D Liquid Cooling. Help RGB Lightning and Fans.

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Everyone New here and will be building my very first PC and making it liquid cool. I went with the Corsair 1000D due to its size and customizability. My plan is to use it's factory settings for front, top and back fans and rads. Going for 2 rads up front, 1 on top and none in the back. I will be attaching some RGB Fans all over. The plan is to go with two sided on all rads. ( 16 front,6 top,2 back). After reviewing how the Commander pro works it looks like i would only be able to put 12 fans on the commander pro which clearly is not enough for me to be able to control all fans and rgb. I saw this thread from Zotty's which is great at showing a diagram but still confuses me on the parts required due to this being new to me.


Would anyone have any links or help they can provide in what I need to buy to make all RGB and fan works properly. I will also have a water block CPU & GPU with a water pump all from corsair ( not sure if those require the use of the Commander Pro).


I have yet to receive everything since I just ordered what I've researched I needed.


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Currently purchased

Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 30-Series Reference GPU Water Block

Hydro X Series XC7 RGB Pro CPU Water Block

Hydro x Series XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo

Hydro X Series XR7 480mm Water Cooling Radiator x 2 (For Front)

ICUE QL120 RGB 120mm PWN Single Fan  x 6

ICUE QL120 RGB 120mm PWM Triple fan with Lightning Node Core x4

CORSAIR QL Series, QL140 RGB, 140mm RGB LED Fan, Dual Pack with Lighting Node Core x 3

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Hi there.. Welcome aboard 🙂


this is worth reading. as it covers the 1000d


this one for hydro X




this one for the recently released Commander Core XT

you have an adventure ahead of you 🙂 .. god luck,,

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Thanks. Ya I've pretty much read everything you have posted since it was so well detailed. I appreciate your work. 

My confusion comes in terms of what I need. 

From your diagrams If i am going 16 front fans,6 top fans and 2 back fans + GPU & CPU Water Block + Water pump I would need :

Lightning node Core(which i am assuming is what replaces the RGD LED HUB that is now discontinued) 4 if 6 fans per or 6 if 4 fans per.

I would require 3 commander pros or 4 connected to each other. 

Or If i read about the commander core XT properly that would replace the need to have the lightning node cores and fan splitters If i just go with 4 commander core XT right? Which gives me more control of each rgb and fan speed individually.

My question for you is which way would be best out of these two and if I am correct on what I need. 



I know I have a lot of work ahead of me lol but I'm excited for my first build. Liquid cooling builds just look so beautiful.


PS I looked at your concept setup which has more fans than I will have but what I'm wondering is how you get so many fans on one commander pro. I thought they had an Capacity limit?



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my set up with one commander Pro..


powered PWM repeaters for fan power.. i have them in banks of 8.. 8 fans each side of the rads in front as example.. thats 2 x 8 port PWM repeaters. when connected to commander pro/core/core xt these present them selves as a 2 x single fans in icue. totally no need to be able to control each one on its own... so 4 channels = 4 pwm repeaters = 32 fans all under control. and still 2 pwm headers left on the Commander....


as for RGB.  RGB fan led hubs can be put on splitters direct from the 3 pin RGB header on the Commander Pro/Core XT.. this is effectively cloning that 3pin rgb output. each hub added to the splitter is just a copy/clone. does exactly the same as the other hub/hubs. so i have those in banks of 4 fans..  left and right.. 1 being at the bottom and 4 being at the top. meaning RGB effects run up and down those 4 fans..  sorry if this is confusing lol. its a lot to take in.. big case with lots of options. pretty advanced stuff..


my advice is try to find some RGB Fan LED Hubs.. these cut down the need for so many usb headers in these bigger builds.. 



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