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iCUE can't control fan speeds / h100i Elite Capellix


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I have a h100i and I am using the commander core that came with it to control all my fans. I got 2x ml140 on the radiator and 4x sp120 as case fans.

The rgb controlling is working really well but the fan speed isn't. The sp120s doesn't change fan speed, even with fixed rpm. Only the ml140s on the radiator.

Please help me fix this issue before the noise from the sp120s has killed my ears.


Thanks in advance!

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8 minutes ago, CUPZYY said:

4x sp120 as case fans

I am assuming you mean the older SP-RGB fans that have a 3 pin connector and a DC motor.  The Commander Core that comes with the Elite series AIOs is a PWM only controller.  All DC voltage controlled fans will run at maximum at all times.  You need to move them to the motherboard for control or use PWM fans on the Commander Core.  

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