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H150i ELITE help please with customization

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Hi and thanks in advance

A simple question/request.....How do I create 3 profiles to be accessed with a single button request.

1st profile is quite with pump and fans at quite/lowest rmp

2nd profile is balanced with pump and fans set to balanced/moderate rpm

3rd is extreme with pump and fans set to extreme/highest rpm

Perhaps I'm just an idiot but I don't find this software very intuitive so I have no idea how to make these settings/profiles accessible with a single button/keyboard access.

I want to be able to press a single button to set quite for when on the desktop and balanced or extreme for when I'm gaming.....I'm not interested in RGB so no help needed there.


Thanks again for any help 🙂 

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If you need three fan/pump profiles, you will need to create 3 CUE profiles.  You can call them whatever you want, but...

1) Quiet (Pump=quiet, fans=custom quiet curve)

2) Balanced (Pump balanced, etc....)

3) Extreme (Pump Extreme, etc.)


You can do this with fan profiles too, but you won't be able to cycle between them with a click.  And that's the next part, you need a Corsair input device to bind the profile change.  If you have a Corsair KB, there already is a profile switch.  However, that can be bound to any Corsair KB key or mouse button.  Without either of those, then you will need to do the profile change from the task bar.  Hover over the CUE symbol to create the pop up.  Then select from your 3 CUE profiles.  

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Thanks, I managed to figure it out.

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