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Corsair 5000d Airflow - Advice on dealing with severe Negative Pressure


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Hi all,

I'm looking for advice on how to fix a potential issue (if I even have an issue).  I have a 5000d Airflow with a Negative Pressure setup.  Below are specs and setup with a picture attached.

Front: 2x 140mm - Intake
Side: (Radiator) 3x 120mm - Exhaust
Top: (Radiator) 3x 120mm - Exhaust
Rear: 1x 120mm - Exhaust


Some are saying It's "OK" and just need to keep on top of the dust more.
Some are saying to flip the rear fan around. 
Another idea I had was just to make the Side radiator as an Intake instead of Exhaust.


What's your opinions?


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Is that a 360mm radiator on the GPU?  

I’d either remove the rear fan or if the GPU backplate benefits from active cooling, then you can run it as intake. You always can tweak your intake/exhaust balance by adjusting fan speed, but the rear fan isn’t offering much in this configuration. Also, don’t forget your radiators cut down actual airflow by 40-50%, so 6 radiator exhaust fans is more like 3 free air. You’ll be back close to neutral if you can make the rear side intake. 

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The easiest thing would be to flip the rear 120 around to intake and just source a 120mm magnetic filter from some where, if you are worried about dust. Another thing is you could replace the 2x140mm with 3x120mm.

I have 2x360mm rads and I am doing the following:

Front = 360mm Rad Intake

Top = 360mm Rad Intake

Rear = 120mm exhaust

Rear Bottom = 92mm RGB fan under GPU.

Side = NULL

If needed I could always add some 120mm in the side and try that, though I am not to concerned as the important things get the coolest air.

Here is my build:


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Negative pressure isn't bad.  It is more prone to dust build-up but airflow is airflow.

One my 5000d airflow build, I have...

Front = 3x 120mm fans intake

Side = 360 rad + 3x 120mm fans intake

Top = 360 rad + 3x 120mm fans exhaust

Rear = 1x 120mm fans exhaust


I run the front and side fans slightly slower than the rear and top fans to try to equalize the pressure.

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