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Lights are only activated if I launch the app, and select "hardware lighting"

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When my computer starts the lights come on breifly and are the correct profile/color/style/whatever you call it.
However, after a few moments the backlighting goes off.
The only way to reenable the backlighting is to launch the app, and click "hardware lighting". 

Reason this doesn't make sense: At the iniatial launch of my computer the profile is active and correct (even before Windows has loaded). Meaning the keyboard knows what it should be doing, but it will not till the steps above are done. 

I want to remove *Launch ICUE* then *Click button* for my keyboard to do what it already knows it should do. Video below:


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Do you have anything set in "Lighting Effects"?  This is what controls your lighting functionality when the software is running.  "Hardware lighting" is the mechanism for saving a more basic lighting pattern to the device's memory and will be in effect when CUE is not running, including boot/shutdown sequences.  Recent CUE 4 versions will preview your hardware lighting effect on that device while you are setting it up, but be aware for KBs and mice that is not an automatic save process.

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It's only warning that you didn't save the changes you made in HW Lighting to the device (KB).  Not a problem.


If you are trying to set up your KB to run without the CUE software at all, then HW Lighting and HW Key Assignments are important and you need to set those up and save them to the device.  However, most people will want the CUE software running to maximize their lighting and macro options.  That makes the HW Lighting more of a first/last thing you see on boot/shutdown.  You can set whatever you want for that and have 3 HW save slots on that KB.  When CUE is not running, press the profile button above F1 on the KB to cycle between the three saved.  Defaults are something like 1=Spiral Rainbow, 2=Rain, 3=Color shift, although there is some variation between KB models.


Where you want to be is in the "Lighting Effects" tab right above that (see below).  This is what will be active when the software is running and offers huge customization and layering options.  Or just pick spiral rainbow for now or any of the presets.  + to add a new effect.



Screenshot (247).png

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