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Magenta lights on my Corsair RGB Fan

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Hey there,

I build a PC a couple of months ago with Corsair Fans. Yesterday I realized that 2 LEDs were displaying a magenta colour. After I forced the iCU Software to update one of the LEDs worked again, but the one on the picture remained Magenta. The effect is smaller when I try to display a blue colour. Is there any chance that the LED is still fine and is it more of a software problem or is it safe to assume that the LED is broken?

Happy to receive an answer folks:)




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No, it’s a dead green LED and you will find others in the same position in these pages with QL fans. It’s a physical problem and you need to contact Corsair Support to file the RMA claim. 

If you’re really desperate you can try a full wipe and clean install of CUE, but I’ve only seen this work with fans that showing different tones of the same color. An easier test of software vs hardware would be to set your hardware lighting to full white on the QL controller, then quit CUE to drop into hardware mode. If by some miracle you are magenta free then we have something to work with, but I think you need a new QL. 

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